List of Courses

Fall 2023: 

  •  GEOG 100/IS 150–Introduction to International Studies, 2 FYE sections (WAITLISTED)
  • GEOG 220–Introduction to Human Geography–M/W 1:40 (Hybrid, In-class Mondays) (WAITLISTED)
  • GEOG 434/516/IS/LAS–Geography of Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean (Online asynchronous–no meeting times) (WAITLISTED)

Fall 2022 and Spring 2023:

On Sabbatical–please contact me or the department Chair (Dr. Brian Sommers– if you need assistance. 

Spring 2022:
  • GEOG 220—Introduction to Human Geography – M/W 10:50 and 12:15 (two sections) 
  • GEOG 160—Geography of Contemporary Global Migration – M/W 1:40 
  • GEOG 436/516—Geography of South America – Online asynchronous (no class meeting times) (cross-listed with IS and LAS)



Summer 2022:
  • GEOG 481/516—Geography of the Caribbean – Online (cross-listed with IS)


Independent Study:

You can take an Independent Study with me during any semester. Some of the most recent Independent Studies include courses in our Geography catalog (or sometimes International Studies and Latin American Studies) that are not offered that semester. They are offered at the 400/500 level. Other recent Independent Studies have included Geography of Coffee and Tropical Commodities, Geography of COVID-19, Advanced Studies in Health Geography, Current Topics in Migration, Geography of Cuba, and several more. These can be taken on campus, online, or hybrid. Please email me for more information ( 



CCSU Courses:
  • GEOG 500—History of Geographic Thought
  • GEOG 595—Special Project in Geography
  • GEOG 597—Comprehensive Review of Geography (prep. For comprehensive exam)
  • GEOG 598—Research in Geography – Designed to familiarize student with techniques and resources associated with research in the field of geography through practical application. (Fall 2019)
  • GEOG 599—Thesis in Geography – Preparation of the thesis under the supervision of the thesis advisor. (Fall 2019)
  • GEOG 544—Geography of World Economic Development
  • GEOG 471/516—Geography of the Caribbean
  • GEOG 471/516—Geography of Coffee and Tropical Commodities in Latin America
  • GEOG 471/516—Geographies of Food
  • GEOG 471/516—Geography of Cuba
  • GEOG 470/514—Geography of Health and Disease in the Global Context – Investigation of health-related topics using geographical frameworks and methodological techniques. Themes include disease distribution, health care access, and HIV/AIDS in a global context. (Fall 2019)
  • GEOG 434—Geography of Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean – Study of our nearest neighbors south of the border, concentrating on people, the land on which they live, and related problems, primarily from a regional point of view. (Fall 2019)
  • GEOG 436—Geography of South America – A survey of the countries of South America with emphasis on people, places, and problems. (Spring 2020)
  • GEOG 430—Internship
  • GEOG 416/516 (Special Topics in Human Geography)—Various courses on Epidemiology; Political economy of health in Latin America; Disease and Development; Global Health Care Policy
  • GEOG 220—Introduction to Human Geography, on campus and online
  • GEOG 160—Contemporary Global Migrations – Introduction to processes and value systems in geography. Theme and title may vary from section to section. Course may be repeated one time with a different topic. (Spring 2020)
  • HONORS 220—International Politics of Gender
  • HONORS 220—Geography of Sports
  • IS (International Studies) 225—World as a Total System
CCSU Study Abroad Courses:
  • Study Abroad to Belize (Winter 2005, 2008)
  • Study Abroad to Morocco (Winter 2007)
  • Study Abroad to Cuba (Winter 2003, Summer 2012)
Yale University:
  • Geographies of Health and Disease in the Global Context (2006-2009)



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